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An invitation to form The Meierovics Society

An invitation to form The Meierovics Society

Issued on the first day of Spring in Riga, Latvia, on March 21, 2010

We invite you to join us!

We have come together as a Society, to bring about good and necessary changes in Latvia.  In the beginning of the 20th century our ancestors knew what it took to build a contemporary European nation.  Today, it is up to us.  We are ready to give our time and energy to help Latvia become a dynamic, self-assured and respectable 21st century western country.  We see that as our responsibility, both to the past, and to the future.  

We have come together as a Society, to improve the politics of our state. Politics is not, and should not be limited to small political groups. It is both the right and responsibility of every voter to get involved and try to influence the process.  The Meierovics Society has brought together experts in a variety of fields, and we are guided by an unselfish and strong desire to donate our knowledge and skills to the development of Latvia. The goal of the Meierovics Society is to work, to prepare professional recommendations, and promote the infusion of good ideas and the highest quality expertise into the political process.  This must happen, not only in the pre-election period, but at all times.

We have come together as a Society, to encourage our fellow citizens of Latvia to be demanding.  If we don’t ask for politics of quality and don’t take action ourselves, then we will not get good schools and hospitals, competitive higher education, a fair business environment, and the kind of politicians and government officials that truly serve in the interests of their fellow citizens. This will not take place if we do not become involved.  Everything must change – politics must be open. The responsibility of politicians is to listen and be accountable, while the responsibility of the voter is to gather in groups, create organisations, formulate ideas, offer recommendations and participate in the process.  We wish to mobilize all of Latvia’s patriots and offer a broad public platform for the participation of all society; a neutral environment for cross-sectoral discussions, where experts can meet with various party members and social representatives. We will be both a repository and forge of good ideas. Always keeping in mind that Latvia’s prosperity and development is our goal.

We have come together as a Society to promote Latvia’s sense of spiritual unity, and to involve Latvians around the world, offering them new opportunities to participate. We want to promote the rebirth of altruism in the cultural code of Latvians and Latvia’s inhabitants. Unselfishness is a precondition for the survival of a society and a nation.

We have come together as a Society which is named after Zigfrids Meierovics.  Latvia’s first foreign minister accomplished a great deal in order to help Latvia achieve international recognition as a state in the beginning of the 20th century. He saw the Democratic Republic of Latvia as a guiding star and was convinced that Latvia’s destiny was one with the Western world.  After the First World War, Meierovics was one of the leaders of a society which sought out Latvian émigrés scattered around the world and helped them repatriate to Latvia.  In 1919, while serving as Foreign Minister, he carried a weapon as he fought in Latvia’s battles for independence.  For us, the civic idealism of Zigfrids Meierovics is an inspiring example.

We have come together as a Society and invite you to join us. Become a member or supporter of our Society. Latvia needs progressive change and all of our civic idealism!


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