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Guest of the Meierovics Society – economist Claus Vastrup

On 20 May 2011 the Meierovics Society had an honor to host economist Claus Vastrup. Mr Vastrup is professor of Aarhus University, for many years he has served as a co-chairman and chairman of the Danish Economic Council.

Claus Vastrup introduced the members and experts of the Meierovics Society with the experience of Denmark in setting competitive and strict fiscal policy and fixed curency exchange rate policy. He explained pros and cons of these policies, as well as answered questions about lessons to be learned for Latvia.

It was noted during the debate that independent advisory board of economists to the Government would help increase quality of public debate about economic issues and provide politicians with well-grounded advice.

The Meierovics Society would like to thank Embassy of Denmark in Latvia for arranging the meeting with Mr Claus Vastrup.


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