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Latvia. History. Society. 21st century.

On 9 September 2011 the Meierovics Society in cooperation with 1/4 Satori organizes a discussion “Latvia. History. Society. 21st century.”

Although Latvia enjoys freedom and democracy for twenty years now, there have been almost no discussions about the history and its role in the life of the society. The history writing in Latvia is something meant not for a discussion—the history is mainly consumed, but not reflected. Majority of the society believes that history has to serve for ideological purposes in order to educate youth and strengthen patriotism; it is also believed that history’s service, as an instrument of politics, is equally legitimate. It seems that now there is the right moment to discuss the role of history in the Latvian society. This discussion has to involve historians and opinion leaders from different backgrounds and the aim of such discussion is to help the historians to succeed in overcoming intellectual isolation and also the discussion has to encourage gradual changes of the society’s perception of the historical research.

The discussion “Latvia. History. Society. 21st century” is intended as a first step in creating dialogue between the historians and representatives of the society (opinion leaders). This discussion will be an opportunity for historians and opinion leaders to discuss the society’s perception of the history and also some lively debated research problems. This will be an open discussion, aimed to involve historians, academics from humanities and social sciences, opinion leaders and students.

We would like to pose number of questions for discussion in this event: what kind of relationship between politics and history there should be in the contemporary society? How we should tell stories about tragic historical experiences of Latvia by not losing critical perception of our past? How to perceive history in its wholeness, not blending out different time-periods and neglecting the others? Whether it is possible to use history for promoting reconciliation within Latvia’s society? What are the main objectives of the historical research in 21st century Latvia and whether history has to serve only for the political purposes and integration of the society?

The event is supported by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

More information about the event is available here in Latvian.


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