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Meierovics Society collects donations to publish a book on Swedish security policy and the Baltic States

Meierovics Society calls for donations in order to publish in Latvian an interesting, neutral observer narrative of the events in the Baltics, 1991-1994: Återkomsten: Svensk säkerhetspolitik och de baltiska ländernas första år i självständighet 1991-1994  (Return – Swedish security policy and the Baltic States during the first years of independence 1991-1994) written by Lars Peter Fredén. In 1992-1994 Mr Fredén served as Special Adviser to the Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt on Security Policy and Baltic Issues.

Translation of the book in Latvian is supported by the Swedish Embassy. It is estimated that the total amount necessary for publishing a book would be about 3000 Ls (4270 EUR). By 15 April 2011 Meierovics Society has collected and transferred to the publishing house ATENA 1580 Ls (2250 EUR), or roughly a half of the amount required.


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